What to Stock in Your Home’s Wet Bar

What to Stock in Your Home’s Wet Bar

You’ve decided to add a wet bar to your new home, but you need some ideas to make your bar modern, unique, and functional. If you don’t put some creativity into your wet bar, the bar could turn into an inconvenience instead of an asset. For tips on ways to best use this new home feature, have a look at the information below.

Drinks to Stock in Your Wet Bar

What are your favorite drinks to order when you go out? You should stock the main components to those drinks in your wet bar. For example, if you like a Bloody Mary, then you should have vodka in your wet bar. If Manhattans are your thing, then you need to stock whiskey. However, every wet bar needs a few basics, including those listed here.

At Least Three Different Kinds of Wine

You need a red, a white, and a rose wine to outfit your wet bar. However, if you want your bar to look particularly elegant, you should stock different bottles of each type of wine. Stock a special vintage bottle of each wine for special occasions, and stock cheaper options for everyday use.

Your Preferred winstrol cutting cycle Whiskey (or Whiskeys)

Maybe you prefer Scotch to bourbon, or maybe you like to drink a different type of whiskey depending on the week. Whatever your preference, you need at least one kind of whiskey in your wet bar. Whiskey goes into a lot of cocktails, so you should probably include several bottles of it. At the very least, make sure you have one bottle of Scotch and one bottle of bourbon.

Draft Beers (Or Beer on Tap)

If you have beer on tap, you’ll make your home the preferred venue for all neighborhood parties. But if you prefer not to keep a tap, you can still stock a few different lagers in your wet bar to enjoy during the game or a quiet evening at home.

Colas and Other Soft Drinks for Designated Drivers

Not everyone who visits you will drink. You need something for young guests, designated drivers, or people who don’t drink. Opt for Coca-Cola or any soft drinks of your choice.

Garnishes and Other Extras to Stock in Your Wet Bar

If you want to make cocktails, you need garnishes and other extra ingredients in your wet bar in addition to your beer, wine, and liquor. Use the list below as a staring place if you don’t know where to begin.

Liqueurs for Flavoring

Liqueurs add fruity, herbal, and nutty flavors to cocktails and make them taste richer. Liqueurs also add sweetness to different drinks. Make sure you have berry, chocolate, cream, flower, fruit, and herbal liqueurs in your wet bar at the bare minimum.

Club and Lime Sodas

Some cocktails call for club and lime sodas. These sodas taste fairly bland on their own, but when you add them to other drinks, they create an irresistible bite and fizz.

Tomato Juice and Other Juice Additives

A Bloody Mary calls for tomato juice, and other cocktails call for lemonade, orange juice, apple juice, or grape juice. Keep these juices in your wet bar as well.

Olives, Celery, and Other Garnishes for Your Favorite Cocktails

Some popular garnishes include olives, celery, carrots, lemons, limes, and other fresh fruits and vegetables. Look up the garnishes that go in your favorite drinks and make sure you stock them.

Utensils, Glassware, and Cooking Tools to Stock in Your Wet Bar

In addition to a cutting board, knives, toothpicks, and all the other culinary tools you’ll need to prepare garnishes, your wet bar needs the following utensils, glasses, and extras.

Different Types of Glasses for Your Favorite Drinks

When you’re enjoying a quiet night in, you might feel fine drinking white wine out of a red wine glass, but if you plan to host parties or other formal functions, then you need to have the right glasses for every drink or cocktail. Have at least four of each type of glass.

A Cocktail Shaker

You should always have at least one cocktail shaker on hand, but if you want to host parties, invest in two or three.

Straws, Coasters, and Napkins

You’d expect straws, coasters, and napkins at a bar or restaurant. You should stock these items in your own wet bar too.

A wet bar can be a huge asset for your home if you know how to use it. Get started using the tips above.

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