Top Seven Reasons to Move Your Family to Tampa

Top Seven Reasons to Move Your Family to Tampa

The Gulf Coast city of Tampa is one of our nation’s most gorgeous cities. This coastal paradise has a
unique blend of sprawling beaches, wetlands filled with exotic birds, vibrant communities, a strong economy, and a bustling downtown.

This diversity of things to do, places to visit, and jobs to get makes it an ideal place for families to
live. We’ve outlined the top seven reasons you should relocate your family to the Big Guava.

1.) We Have Absolutely Perfect Weather

Tampa has a tropical climate. Daytime temperatures stay in the 70s and 80s most of the year. Evenings dip into the 60s. In the summer, thunderstorms roll in like clockwork nearly every afternoon. Summertime temperatures can hit the 90s, and cool off after it rains.

Come wintertime, the weather stays relatively warm. Most days you’ll only need a light sweater and a
raincoat to be comfortable. Between mid-November and early March, frost may set in during late evening hours.
2.) You Can Take Your Boat Just About Anywhere

Just about everyone has a boat in Tampa, as evidenced by the amount of docks you’ll pass wherever you go. The US Coast Guard reports that 23% of households in Florida have registered boats.

The sheer number of places you can visit on water makes this coastal region a boater’s dream come true.
You can take your boat to bars and restaurants. You can head down the coast and visit the Everglades. You also can take your boat far out into the Gulf of Mexico and go deep sea fishing, a favorite pastime of Tampa residents.

3.) We Have More Sports Teams Than You Can Keep Up With

If you love nothing more than getting a box seat to a big game, this is the city for you. Tampa is a
hotbed for professional sports.

The NFL’s Buccaneers, the NHL’s Lightning, and the MLB’s Rays all reside in Tampa Bay. During the spring, so do the New York Yankees. The University of South Florida is the only NCAA Division I team in the greater Tampa area.

4.) Our City Hosts International Performing Arts Groups

The Straz Center for the Performing Arts hosts Broadway shows, world-renown musicians, comedians, and dance troupes. Located right on the water downtown, the arts center is a relatively small venue. It only hosts about 2,600 guests, making the perfect place for an intimate date night.

Countless opera companies and symphonies are also based out of Tampa, making it a major cultural hub of the Gulf Coast.

5.) You Can View Every Kind of Wildlife

Have you always wanted to swim with the dolphins, feed tigers, and watch manatees? Within a single day, you can do all three.

Take a chartered tour into the Gulf to jump into the warm water with a school of dolphins. Then, head to
Tampa’s Big Cat Rescue where you can literally feed tigers and panthers in rehab. Finally, close your day out with a canoe trip into a mangrove, where manatees call home.

In addition to these adventurous opportunities, the Gulf Coast of Florida is a stopover from thousands of
exotic, migratory birds, making it one of the best birding destinations in the U.S.

6.) Our Economy Is Very Stable  

Forbes named Tampa as the Number 2 city to live for young entrepreneurs. Most of the city’s biggest
employers are in the medical and financial sectors. Because of the existing wealth in the area and the highperforming economy, it’s a fantastic place to start a business.

7.) Our Communities Are Quiet and Beautiful

One of the greatest things about Tampa is the ability to live on secluded property within a half hour of
downtown. Planned communities with newly built homes offer you all of the luxuries you want without needing to be right in the middle of the city.

If you’re ready to move into a stunning home in a planned community, contact a luxury real estate
developer and home builder today.