The Advantages of Owning a Pool

The Advantages of Owning a Pool

Most people dream of spending hours relaxing by a pool in their backyard, especially if they live in a
warm climate. Pools are ideal for hot summer days when you need a place to sit back and relax. Although pools do require upkeep and maintenance, they also provide homeowners with a number of benefits.

If you are considering installing a pool in your backyard, here are some advantages you can expect.

Provides a Fun Family Activity

Many families struggle to spend time together without the distraction of electronics, such as TVs or
smartphones. If your family could use some quality time away from electronics, a pool is a great option. Most electronics will get damaged by water, which means you can have a few hours of playing in the pool without the distraction of phones or TVs.

Increases Home Value

When homeowners install a pool in their backyard, the value of their home often increases. Like the number of bedrooms or baths in a home, pools are a permanent feature that buyers typically appreciate.

In fact, The National Association of Realtors released an article that discusses how in-ground swimming pools often increase a home’s value by 8% on average. At that rate, if a homeowner installs a pool in their $500,000 home, their home’s value will increase by more than $25,000.

Although not every homebuyer wants a pool, it’s safe to say your home’s marketability and value will
likely increase if you have a pool.

Offers a Great Place to Exercise

Pools are a great place for you and your family to exercise. Swimming is a cardiovascular exercise that
helps increase your heart rate without putting pressure on your limbs. In fact, many professional athletes use pools to exercise because of the low impact water has on their limbs and joints. Some low-impact exercises include swimming laps and performing water aerobics.

You can also perform muscle-building exercises in pools. For example, you can kick your legs next to the
edge of the pool to work your glutes, or you can put a buoy between your legs and swim using just your arms. You may even find that you enjoy exercising in the pool more than at a traditional gym.

Your kids may also get more exercise if they have a pool in their backyard.

Improves Your Home’s Outdoor Appearance

Pools are a great option if you enjoy showing off your yard to guests. When it comes to planning a
backyard, a well-designed pool can add beauty and elegance to your home’s landscape. You can even create a tropical oasis in the comfort of your own home. The light-blue pool water mixed with a sapphire or crystal tile pattern adds the perfect touch of luxury to your yard.

Provides a Great Place to Hold Parties

If you have teenagers who don’t spend a lot of time at home, a pool is a great incentive for them to stay
home more often. In fact, if you install a pool, your kids may even bring their friends to your home rather than leaving for another friend’s house.

Pool parties are often fun for the whole family. You and your children can invite friends over to play in
the pool and enjoy the weather. Pools are ideal for large groups to gather on hot summer days. No matter how old they are, most people enjoy swimming and splashing in a pool.

Many homeowners with pools find that throwing a party is as simple as buying drinks and barbecuing some steaks-the party’s main activity is already prepared.

If you think a pool would benefit you and your family, talk with your home builder or a pool installation
company to learn more about your options. Within a few short weeks, you can be relaxing by the pool just as you’ve always dreamed.