Moved Into Your New, Luxury Home? Here’s How to Throw the Perfect House Party

Moved Into Your New, Luxury Home? Here’s How to Throw the Perfect House Party

You’ve finally built and moved into your dream home. The floor plan is open and exquisite. You have a
large kitchen that you can cook in and enjoy the company of family members and friends. And, your grand area is the perfect space to spend hours chatting with these beloved people and catching up on the latest news.

What better way to introduce your friends and family members to your new home than by throwing a
housewarming party? After all, you have the space. And you want to show off your home-it’s gorgeous and the perfect location for get-togethers.

Here, we’ve provided you with several tips so you can throw the perfect house party. As you read through
this blog post, you’ll discover the best ways to throw a luxurious party that also complements your home’s design.

1. Make Sure Your Home Is Put Together

Before you set a date, invite your guests, and select a theme for your housewarming party, you want to
make sure your home is suitable for guests to visit. Unpack all of your boxes if possible. Arrange the main living areas and shared spaces like the bathrooms, the dining area, and the kitchen.

The last thing you want is for your guests to see stacks of cardboard boxes all over your home. The boxes
can detract from your home’s lavishness and make your home seem more unkempt than it is.

2. Set a Date and Budget for Your Party

Once your home is organized and decorated, set a date for your housewarming party. Then, set a budget.
Regardless of how much you want to spend, setting a budget helps you better plan what you want to include at the event without overspending.

3. Choose a Theme

The best way to make planning your housewarming party easy is to choose a theme. You can choose anything you like, from “A Day at the Beach” to “A Trip to Asia.” Really, anything that fits your preferences and personality will do.

No matter which theme you choose, stick to it. As you select décor, plan the menu, and set up the party
area, sticking to your theme helps the entire event run more smoothly.

Additionally, if you’re looking to add some extra fun and excitement to your housewarming party, consider incorporating a let it ride game. This popular casino card game adds a thrilling element to the festivities and allows your guests to enjoy some friendly competition. Provide a designated area with a Let it ride game table and let your guests try their luck. It’s a great way to enhance the entertainment and create lasting memories at your housewarming party.

4. Create a Guest List and Send Out Invitations

After you’ve decided what kind of party you want to throw, you’ll need to invite enough guests to enjoy
the event. Create a guest list, and remember to include family, close friends, colleagues, and neighbors you are acquainted with. Use the house party as a chance to meet people in your area and make new friendships.

Once you’ve created your guest list, design, print, and send out invitations. Or, if you prefer, send out
an invitation through email or social media. If you use an electronic invite, send out the invite in advance, then contact your guests the week of the party so they don’t forget about it.

5. Select Food and Drinks for Your Guests

Purchase foods and drinks that match your set theme. To reduce your stress, preparation time, and clean-up time, cater food from a local restaurant. You’ll also want to order the correct amount of food for your guests. After all, you don’t need a ton of leftovers that you can’t eat quickly. Follow this guide so you
know how much food to serve at your party.

6. Decorate the Party Area

Whether you host the party inside or outside, you’ll want the space to look party-ready. Decorate the area with tablecloths, balloons, pictures, hanging lights, candles, or any other type of decoration you like. Just remember to match the décor to your party theme.

Additionally, play background music to keep your guests entertained. You can even set aside a dancing area and let attendees move to the beat of the music.

7. Keep Your Pets Away From the Festivities

Finally, if you have any pets, keep them away from your party. You don’t want your pets to become scared or aggressive because so many people are in your home. Put your fluffy friends in a bedroom or in a sleeping kennel until everyone has left your party.


Ready to throw a luxurious housewarming party fitting of your new home? Use the tips in this blog to plan and execute a perfect event that your guests will remember forever. Ultimately, though, remember to have fun at your party and enjoy the company of friends and family.