Features That Will Make Your Bedroom Look Luxurious

Features That Will Make Your Bedroom Look Luxurious

After you invest in a new home, you want each room inside to look as luxurious as the outside. You can make your bedroom look like the impeccable rooms in home décor magazines with just a few simple upgrades. Similar to most interior design projects, small details can make a major difference.

Here are some features that can make your bedroom look and feel luxurious.

Throw Pillows

Nothing says extravagance like plush throw pillows. Throw pillows can change the design of your bedroom from plain quarters to a luxurious suite. As you choose your pillows, blend tones and textures, such as fur pillows with shimmering gold pillows. Interesting and artistic embellishments will complement the bedspread and overall design of the room.

Tray Accents

Place a tray accent on your nightstand or dresser to add a lavish touch to your bedroom. You can either buy a new tray or opt for an old-fashioned tray from an antique store. Use the tray to hold miscellaneous items that you would normally keep on your nightstand or dresser.

Hanging Lights

Make an instant statement of luxury in your bedroom by installing a hanging light. Instead of traditional, glass-covered ceiling light, hang a sophisticated chandelier or pendant that is  roportionate to the size of your room. For instance, don’t choose a chandelier that hangs low enough that it will touch your head.

Additionally, try to match the features of the light with other décor in your room. For example, if your bedroom is designed with various chrome features, pair them with a chrome light fixture.


Thick, fluffy blankets are a great way to add style and elegance to your bedroom. Rather than display blankets with intricate patterns, choose a blanket that has a subtle design and solid color. Draw attention to your throw blanket by selecting one with an interesting texture like wool, velvet, silk, or faux fur. Place the blanket near the foot of the bed so you can easily use it for an afternoon catnap.

Long Curtains

Short, boxy curtains not only make your bedroom look smaller but also cheaper. If you want to make your room look more spacious and lavish, hang long curtains that extend from the ceiling to the floor. The trick to making long curtains look luxurious is mounting the curtain rod about an inch below the ceiling.

Crown Molding

Even the smallest bedrooms in your home can look expensive when you add crown molding. Crown molding can help rooms look bigger and more elegant. If your home doesn’t already include this feature, consider installing crown molding. Once your crown molding has been installed, paint it to complement the color of your walls.

Modern Furniture Handles

A great way to give your nightstand and dresser a touch of elegance is by updating the handles or knobs. Unless these pieces of furniture already have stunning handles, install new ones. You can find various types of handles and knobs at most home improvement centers.

Think of the handles or knobs as your furnishing’s jewelry. As you consider which handles or knobs you want, think of unique and eye-catching hardware textures such as copper, crystal, or gemstones. Although small, these details can make a major difference to the style and design of your room.


Add greenery to your room for a natural, yet elegant, appeal. Some plants you might add to the design of your room include a potted fern or flower in a vase. Fresh bamboo can also be a great plant for rooms with Asian designs. Consider the amount of maintenance required for each plant to help you determine which type of plant would be best.


Once you’ve chosen a home design from Adobe Homes, use the tips above to make the inside of that home a luxurious retreat to return to at the end of each day.