Everything You Need to Know About Your Outdoor Fireplace

Everything You Need to Know About Your Outdoor Fireplace

When you plan your dream home, you have dozens-perhaps hundreds-of outdoor features to consider. Along with a new pool or water structure you imagine cozy evenings around an outdoor fireplace with your family.

But is getting an outdoor fireplace really worth the cost? Read on to find out how you can use your
outdoor fireplace and how simple it is to maintain.

Using Your Outdoor Fireplace

Some people discount getting an outdoor fireplace because they think they won’t use it enough. They may sit by it once or twice during the winter, they think, but not enough to make the investment worthwhile.

Actually, there are plenty of ways you can use an outdoor fireplace beyond sitting next to it for warmth.
A fireplace is a gathering place that draws family and friends near. Here are just a few ideas of how to use it.

Book Club

A book club requires an atmosphere of beauty and sophistication. Imagine sitting under the stars around
the fire with a group of friends, discussing your favorite novel or even reading poetry out loud. A crackling outdoor fire certainly adds something special to your book club that an indoor feature cannot.

Family Story Night

Do you have trouble finding activities your entire family enjoys? Sharing stories around your outdoor
fireplace is an activity everyone will love, regardless of their age. You could tell your kids stories from
when you were a child; share scary stories; or create a “pass along” story, where each person takes a turn
making up part of a story.

Teenage Birthday Party

Your teenage son or daughter can have the coolest party in the neighborhood with an outdoor fireplace. If you have a pool as well, party guests can hang out in the pool and then warm up next to the fire.

Movie Night

Have you always wanted an outdoor movie night, but don’t like feeling cold? Add a widescreen TV above your fireplace, and enjoy the warm glow of the fire while you watch a movie. The TV should be housed in a covered patio or pergola to protect it from the elements.

Music Night

Do you have musical friends? Ask them to bring their guitars and other instruments. Enjoy a relaxing
evening singing and playing next to the fire.

Hot Cocoa Hour

You may find it difficult to think of party ideas during the cold winter. Why not serve hot cocoa in a
variety of flavors? To create a sensational dessert, add a spoonful of ice cream to your hot cocoa. Guests
can sip their drinks by the fireplace.

Caring for Your Outdoor Fireplace

To use your fireplace for all these different activities, you need to maintain it throughout the year.
Fortunately, maintaining it isn’t difficult. Just follow these steps:

  1. When you don’t use your fireplace, turn off the pilot light.
  2. To clean the gas burners, use a soft bristle brush and a soft cloth. Turn off the gas before you clean,
    and use manufacturer-recommended cleaning products.
  3. Regularly use a shop vacuum to remove debris from the fireplace.
  4. Regularly clean off the outside of the fireplace with warm water and soap.
  5. Have a professional safely clean the chimney and flue about once a year.
  6. Have a professional inspect your fireplace at least once a year. He or she can ensure there are no
    problems that could lead to an accident or injury.
  7. Check your exhaust fan and ventilation system regularly to make sure they work.
  8. Trim any plants around the fireplace. Keep them far away so they don’t become a fire hazard.

Although owning an outdoor fireplace does take a bit of work, most people find that the effort they put in
is well worth the cost. Talk to your Adobe Home builder today for more information about installing an outdoor fireplace.