Consider New French Doors for Your New Home

Consider New French Doors for Your New Home

French doors make a beautiful addition to any home. They let in extra light, they’re an elegant alternative to sliding glass doors, and they are safe and secure. Learn why French doors might be the perfect choice for your home.

What Are French Doors?

French doors, also known as French windows, usually contain two doors with hinges that open inward or outward. The doors’ signature feature is a series of glass panels. French doors are ideal for interior and exterior use. French doors are traditionally used to link adjoining rooms or additions, especially in areas where privacy isn’t a main concern. They are also used as entrances to exterior areas such as patios, balconies, gardens, and backyards.

How Many Styles of French Doors Are Available?

French doors are distinguished by their different number of panes, which are also called ” lights.” Some French doors contain just one light, with a full pane of uninterrupted glass. More traditional styles have 10 or 15 smaller lights. Most people choose clear glass panels in their French doors, but custom opaque panels can also be installed for more privacy.

French doors can be made out of any material windows and doors are made of, including steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. Traditional French doors are hinged on the outsides and open outward. Today, you can also find louvered (folding), sliding, and pivot-style French doors.

You can choose from a myriad of French door designs to find a style that suits your taste and the architecture of your home.

Are French Doors Ever the Wrong Choice?

When your goal is to create a timeless look, French doors are rarely the wrong choice. However, if any of the following issues sounds like too much to handle, French doors may not be for you.

These doors do require open floor space so they can open or close. If you are used to the convenience of sliding doors, or you have small children or pets that get underfoot, you may prefer sliding doors.

French doors also give you more windows to clean. In areas that experience heavy rains, your French doors could develop water spots that last throughout the stormy season. You may prefer low-maintenance aluminum or wooden sliding doors to French doors.

What Are the Benefits of French Doors?

Since French doors are mostly made up of windows, they allow natural light to spread throughout your home. During extremely hot and cold weather, you can enjoy natural sunlight without letting the elements inside. The extra windows also make your indoor space look bigger. In the summer months, they allow you to connect the outdoors to the indoors, making your backyard feel like a part of your house.

Many modern French windows are also available with low-E glass, which lets in short-wave heat energy while deflecting long-wave heat energy, allowing you to easily control the temperature of interior spaces. ENERGY STAR-rated glass can increase the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. If you buy high-quality doors, they can save you money on your electric bill.

If you also use French doors to connect interior spaces, they create a lovely flow between rooms. They are a more practical choice if you want to close off a larger opening between two rooms. They also allow the inhabitants of both rooms to see each other.  So you can have sound privacy and better maintain heat in a room while still keeping an eye on the people in the other room. This option is perfect for parents with small children.

French doors can also be fitted with hurricane-resistant glass or storm panels for added safety. The smaller panes are also strengthened by the “muntins,” or wood supports, between the glass panes. Even when the weather turns foul, you can be confident in high-quality French doors to weather the storm.

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If you’re looking for modern elegance, the entrances of your home are a good place to start. Begin your design process today.