Coffee Shops to Visit in Tampa

Coffee Shops to Visit in Tampa

Over the last 5 years, coffee shops have been popping up in the Tampa Bay area, bringing new flavors and experiences with every cup.

Here are 3 of our favorite spots to visit in the area:

1)  Buddy Brew Coffee- All locations

Buddy Brew Coffee has multiple locations in the area.  Each location has a unique touch and atmosphere.

Buddy Brew Coffee in Hyde Park Village has a relaxed feeling.  Enjoy a great cup of coffee, and make sure to check out the stores in the area when you’re done!

The second location is Buddy Brew Coffee in Kennedy- which provides their guests with a larger seating area and an in-house brewery. Make sure you keep posted- they also offer free coffee cupping occasionally.

Looking for a fantastic meeting place? There’s a location in Oxford Exchange, making it a perfect place for a business meeting with your colleges.

2) Foundation-Tampa Heights

Foundation-Tampa Heights is simply beautiful!

The interior is spacious and has a great patio area- making it a great place to take your spouse on a date, relax to a book, or catch-up to your business email.

Planning a trip there? We suggest you give one of their pour-over selections a try.

3) Kofe- At The Hall

Looking for a place to have a deliciously brewed cup of coffee AND mind-blowing food?

The Hall opened recently in Tampa Heights with various other restaurants in the same building. What are you in the mood for? Oysters, pastries, hot entrees, snacks, and even cocktails- we guarantee you’ll find something to your liking.