5 Luxury Bathroom Trends You’ll Love This Year

5 Luxury Bathroom Trends You’ll Love This Year

You can’t wait to start construction on your new home. You’ve hired the most reliable developers and
contractors. You’ve purchased property in a fantastic location. And you’ve hired a lawyer to handle all the paperwork and little details.

But as you build, don’t forget to customize your home along the way. Little changes can transform your
living room, kitchen, or bedroom from a humdrum design to an eye-catching layout.

For example, if you install the following trends in your bathroom, you can turn your simple tub, toilet,
and sink into a personal oasis.

1. Smart Taps, Showerheads, and Toilets

Who says that luxury can’t be environmentally friendly? Enhanced water control features and smart home technology can help you cut unnecessary water usage and even lower your utility bills.

For example, smart faucets can turn the water on and off with a single touch (no hands necessary). Smart shower heads can sculpt water into unique patterns to create the illusion of using more water while actually consuming less. And smart toilets can detect leaks and minimize the risk of overflows.

Other bathroom accessories can maintain precise temperature control, resist stains and tarnishing, and
control water flow from multiple sources. Do a little research to find out which features appeal most to you.

2. Freestanding Tubs and Living Walls

For a while, bathtubs lost a lot of their popularity. As hard-working adults had less time to relax, they
focused more on showers that offered a faster clean.

But tubs are making a comeback as more people recognize the need to unwind and relax after a hard day. Garden tubs and freestanding tubs give adults more room to soak and stretch, turning time in the tub into a day at the spa.

For an even more spa-like experience, consider the benefits of a living wall next to your tub. These
plant-covered walls not only add a breathtaking patch of color, but they also improve indoor air quality and muffle noise levels, so you can relax in peace and comfort.

3. Built-In Audio and Television Systems

For many, the bathroom provides a temporary escape from the constant barrage of commercials, pop-up ads, and spam email. But for others, electronic devices are the only things that help grooming time fly a little faster.

If you prefer to stay in the loop on the latest advances in technology, consider installing a built-in
audio system so you can enjoy your music while you shower. Or if you’d like to soak for an especially long time, opt for a waterproof in-wall television screen so you never have to miss your favorite shows.

4. Chromatherapy Showers

Do you feel particularly stressed but don’t have the time for a long soak in the tub? A chromatherapy
shower may be just what you need.

Chromatherapy showers combine the benefits of color therapy with hydrotherapy. The waterproof LED lights create soothing colors and effects that will cleanse your mind while the water cleanses your body.

Calming colors such as blue and turquoise can help you wind down in the evenings. Cheerful yellows and
oranges can help you feel stimulated and energized while you prepare in the morning. And greens or whites can clarify your senses and bring balance to your soul any time of day.

5. Heated Floors and Towel-Warming Drawers

After a hot shower or warm bath, few things feel more shocking than stepping onto a cold porcelain tile.
But what if you could enjoy your warmth a little longer?

Radiant heating, or radiant floor heating, provides consistent, comfortable heat, no matter the season.
Furthermore, radiant heating works best with the linoleum, tile, and laminate flooring common in luxury bathrooms. With the right installation, radiant floor heating can also cut down noise and save on utilities.

Additionally, towel-warming drawers can also keep you warm and dry, preventing mildew growth and
minimizing humidity in the air. Although many towel-warming drawer units were intended for kitchen use, a savvy contractor can adapt this device for your bathroom.

Relish Your Time in the Bathroom

The trends listed above can help make even the smallest bathroom seem more luxurious and feel more
enjoyable, so don’t wait to talk to your contractor about possible installations.

If you’d like to see more ways to improve your home to a luxury home, check our blog for updates.