Create a Chic and Cozy Getaway in Your Courtyard With These 5 Decor Elements

Create a Chic and Cozy Getaway in Your Courtyard With These 5 Decor Elements

Courtyards offer beautiful spaces for relaxing or entertaining. But most residential courtyards don’t offer a whole lot of open space so, when you decorate, you have to make a big statement without robbing yourself of useable space.

Luckily, putting a few simple elements together in your courtyard can help you achieve an attractive and welcoming space that you, your family, and your guests can enjoy.

In this blog, we list five elements to consider in addition to your patio furniture as you decorate your courtyard.

1. Ambient Lights

The right lighting can make even the most standard space look more welcoming and fashion forward. Focus on wall or ground lighting to conserve space.

For a whimsical, airy ambience, string hanging lanterns or outdoor fairy lights. To create a sense of Old World charm, choose traditional lantern-shaped fixtures. For unobtrusive lighting that can accommodate any sense of style, opt for white ground lighting that hides under your seating or steps.

2. Distinct Linens

The best way to make your space more useable and comfortable is to make your seating more accommodating. Cushions, throw pillows, durable lap blankets, outdoor-friendly tablecloths, and beautiful upholstery can make the space more inviting for dinner parties, long evening chats, and romantic moments.

Choose distinct linens to really define your space. Use nautical motifs or ocean imagery for a relaxing, beachy area. Rely on bold, mixed patterns in a similar color palette for a vibrant look that’s sure to leave an impression.

3. Greenery and Flowers

Plants can make your courtyard more beautiful, but the need for greenery goes beyond simple looks. Living plants can keep your air cleaner and cooler, especially if you live in a more urban area.

If you include fragrant and/or flowering plants, you can reap the added benefit of natural scent control. Mix fragrant plants with grasses and vines to ensure that the scent never becomes overwhelming in the small space.

4. Mirrors and Frames

If you’re working with a particularly small area, you can give the illusion of more space by creating dimension and focal points. Some of the same tricks you may already use inside your home, like mirrors, can work great in your courtyard.

Hang or prop a large mirror on one wall to expand the space. Use mirrors, or even empty frames, in your gardening and general decorating to create more depth.

5. Water Feature

Few items have as much versatility in an outdoor space as water features. A water feature in your courtyard can reduce noise pollution from your neighborhood, increase the feeling of tranquility, and help keep the space cool in the summer.

Choose a water feature that fits your space well. For example, in a small, geometric courtyard, choose a wall-mounted feature that flows down the height of your wall to make it look taller. To direct the eye in a larger courtyard, install a fountain in the visual center.